Banteay Srei & Local House Tour

On this tour, you will see the popular and unique Banteay Srei temple. You’ll also visit some local villagers, as well as see Preah Khan and Neak Pean temples.

Duration: 1 Day

Pick Up Time: 8:00

Pick Up Location: Hotel or Guesthouse

Finish Time: 5pm

Temples / Attractions: Bayon, Local House, Preah Khan, and Neak Pean

Tour Description
On this tour we will get to see Neak Pean temple which is known as the Entwined Serpents in English. This artificial island houses a small Buddhist temple on the Preah Khan baray. It was built during the reign of King jayavarman VII. It’s thought that the temples represents Anavatapta, which is a mythical lake high in the Himalaya mountains.

We’ll also visit Preah Khan which translates as the Royal Sword. This 12th century temple was also built by King Jayavarman VII. It’s located to the northeast of Angkor Thom and was once home to 100,000 officials and their servants. Although a Buddhist temple, Preah Khan is surrounded by Hindu temples. It’s been left unrestored which only adds to its charm.

We’ll also go to visit a traditional Khmer house so you can see the style of the homes where the local villagers live. Homes here are very different from other parts of the world as they sit on top of stilts. There are many reasons for stilted structures including cooler breeze, more storage space under the house, and safety.

Finally, we’ll go to see the wonderful Banteay Srei temple. This temple is unique because it was built by the kings consort and not the king himself. It’s also unique because of the intricate carvings which are still easily visible today. It’s thought that these carvings are so fine that they couldn’t have been carved by men, they must have been carved by the delicate hands of a woman. Hence the modern name, the Lady Temple.




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1 – 4 pax


Car & Guide

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3 – 7 pax



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